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eduroam, an overview

eduroam (education roaming) is a federation providing wireless access to users of universities and research centres.

eduroam enables students, teachers and personnel of our university to connect to the Wi-Fi network of all partner universities and research centres using Unimore credentials.

Conversely, visitors of other member institutions may connect to unimore Wi-Fi by using the credentials of their place of origin.

Access to eduroam is possible thanks to the enhancement of the Wi-Fi network carried out by Servizi Informatici Reti e Sistemi.


eduroam username

Eduroam username is the one used for unimore (i.e. the username for logging in to the unimore webmail ) followed by “@unimore.it”.

For instance, unimore username "user_id" coincides with eduroam username "user_id@unimore.it".

Students accessing esse3 with username "100000" will use the username "100000@unimore.it” for eduroam.

The username used for eduroam is not unimore email address.


Instructions for notebooks, Android and iPhone devices

An auto-configuration tool is available for notebooks, Android devices and iPhones: https://cat.eduroam.org .

Make sure you download the version for UniMORE users and for the specific release of your operating system.

You will have to run the cat on your system and configure it with eduroam username and your own password.

The cat installs the digital certificates that make the communication with the authentication system secure. This requires users to set a PIN on Android devices.


Instructions for Windows phone devices or for manual installation

  • For your safety: download the digital certificate of certification authorities and save it on your device, where trusted certificates are stored. For example, name the certificate "DigiCert_Assured_ID_Root_CA". If prompted, the type of use of the certificate is “Wi-Fi networks”. The digital fingerprint of the certificate is:
      • SHA1: 05:63:B8:63:0D:62:D7:5A:BB:C8:AB:1E:4B:DF:B5:A8:99:B2:4D:43
      • SHA256: 3E:90:99:B5:01:5E:8F:48:6C:00:BC:EA:9D:11:1E:E7:21:FA:BA:35:5A:89:BC:F1:DF:69:56:1E:3D:C6:32:5C
  • Scan the Qrcode above to directly download the certificate.
  • When you download the certificate you will be requested to set a PIN for the device.
  • In any event, please connect to 'eduroam’ Wi-Fi network.
  • Based on the device model, it may be required to provide additional details. Please follow this example to comply with the requirements:
  • If a certificate issued by the Certification Authority (CA) has not been specified, the device might warn that the connection is certified by TERENA SSL CA 3, that is Unimore certificate issuer.


    • protection: 802.1x EAP
    • EAP method: PEAP
    • authentication, step 2: MSCHAPv2
    • CA certificate: select the certificate previously downloaded
    • user certificate: leave blank
    • anonymous user: leave blank


Who should I ask for help?

For assistance, please email: supporto.eduroam@unimore.it