Eduroam, English Version

It's easy to setup eduroam on your device thanks to automatic configuration:

1. Change your password (if it's your first eduroam setup);
2. download the cat (configuration assistant tool) on your device;
3. type the right username for eduroam (

Download the cat

If your device is Apple MacIntosh use Safari (not Firefox, not Chrome) for the download; you have to authorize the installation of the network profile you downloaded;

If your device is Google Android during the setup process you will be promped to download a companion app from the Play store (geteduroam);

Are you using linux ? The cat is just a python script you need to run as administrator. it creates a nmcli/nmtui profile.

Use the right username

After your Unimore username type: "", this is true for all: students, employees, staff members, etc.

Bottom lines

It is also possible to setup eduroam by your own, but it's harder less secure and we can't support you.

For assistance, please contact